Long Range Plan

Mission Statement

The Butler County Public Library enhances the quality of life for residents by serving their information, leisure, and lifelong learning needs.

Service Responses 2017-2022

Adopted by Long Range Committee of Staff, trustees and patrons on June 20, 2017.

Be An Informed Citizen
Residents will have the information they need to support and promote democracy to fulfill their civic responsibilities at the local, state, and national levels, and to fully participate in community decision making.

Lifelong Learning
Addresses the desire of community residents to explore topics of personal interest and continue to learn throughout their lives.

Physical and Virtual Spaces
Addresses the desire of community residents to have a welcoming physical place and have accessible virtual space that support social networking.

Goal 2017-2022

I.  To work with appropriate businesses and local agencies to create no less than one program per quarter that focuses on local resources, citizenship, and being a positive member of the community.

II.  To work with appropriate businesses and local agencies to provide local city and county information on the library’s website.

III.  To make sure citizens of Butler County have access to a wide variety of current materials and programs.

IV. The citizens of Butler County will have a safe, accessible, comfortable, attractive library building that serves their needs now and in the future.

Objectives 2017-2022

I. a. Do an assessment to determine programs to be offered.

I. b.  Reach out to local ESL (English as a Second Language) instructors to help with assessment.

I. c. Develop programs based on assessment.

I. d.  Allocate staff, space, and funding for programs.

II. a.  Create a new link or new page on the library’s website titled “Be an Informed Citizen”. This will direct citizens to important local and state agencies and resources for civic engagements.

III. a.  Provide one adult or family program quarterly.

III. b. Continue to expand school partnerships at all levels.

III. c.  Allocate staff, space, and funding for more programs and materials citizens want in the format they want and in a timely way.

IV. a. Investigate the amount of funding needed to meet future operational, material, and staffing needs using library comparison studies and KDLA input.

IV. b.  Determine necessary square footage to meet KDLA minimum standards and Kentucky Public Library Standards for a 20-year projection.

IV. c.  Visit newly constructed public libraries to discover ideas to incorporate and pitfalls to avoid.

IV. d.   Look into the feasibility of acquiring land for a new library building.

IV. e.  Create a building plan, detailing requirements for all aspects of a new facility.