Long Range Plan

Mission Statement

The Butler County Public Library enhances the quality of life for residents by serving their information, leisure, and lifelong learning needs.

Service Responses 2011-2016

Adopted by Long Range Committee of Staff, trustees and patrons on September 20, 2011.

Genealogy and Local History
Addresses the desire of community residents to know and better understand personal or community history.

Lifelong Learning
Addresses the desire of community residents to explore topics of personal interest and continue to learn throughout their lives.

Physical and Virtual Spaces
Addresses the desire of community residents to have a welcoming physical place and have accessible virtual space that support social networking.

Goal 2011-2016

I. Citizens of Butler County will be aware of and utilize available print and digital resources, which are fundamental in their pursuit of genealogical and local history research.

II. Citizens of Butler County will have access to a variety of resources on topics of personal interest in the form of activities and programs for all ages.

III. Citizens of Butler County will possess a welcoming physical place to visit, as well as a virtual space.

Objectives 2011-2016

I. a. Increase the number of library users through advertising and promoting the services to the community. (5% Increase)

I. b. Plan and implement a digital repository. (to be done by committee of staff with volunteers; committee appointed by Library Director)

I. c. Seek assistance and suggestions from other institutions and agencies in obtaining donations for digital repository.

I. d. Based on patron demand, budget for online databases that may further aide patrons with genealogical research.

II. a. Increase the variety of adult programs presented by the library or in cooperation with other service outlets. (5% Increase)

II. b. Provide citizens with up to date and in-demand materials of interest.

III. a. Library will maintain an inviting physical space by evaluating the facility to determine the upkeep necessary to provide a current and comfortable atmosphere.

III. b. Provide citizens with the convenience of accessing the library’s catalog online.

III. c. Based on patron demand, budget for online resources to meet the growing demand of the community.

III. d. Create displays on topics of current interest to entice public interest.